To prepare you for this life changing experience, we want to ensure you are ready and that this workshop is the right fit for you.

So by reading through the following statements, you are honoring yourself and telling the Universe that you deserve all the gifts that it has to offer.

You are telling YOUR HEART that you are worthy of love.

Please read the statements below and see if these affirmations resonate with you.

1. I am ready to give it my all and open my heart.
2. I am ready to show up authentically and just be me.
3. I am ready to face my fears and move forward.
4. I am ready to try new tools and techniques to better myself.
5. I am ready to share my gifts and support others.
6. I am ready to make a financial and emotional investment in myself.
7. I am ready to do what it takes to achieve my dreams.
8. I am worthy of love.


Congratulations! You are ready and we are ready for you!

We have one final question for you to answer.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Count to five when you breathe in love and count to five when you breathe out fear.

Now imagine you are at the retreat with the other women. How does it feel to be fully connected to your heart and surrounded by love? Where do you feel the love in your body?

Take a moment to say out loud your intention for joining the next SPARK Essentials Women’s Soul Weekend Experience.

Open your heart and let the words flow naturally.

Start your intention like this:

“I, <name>, would like to join the next SPARK Essentials retreat because <state your unique reason and why this is important to you>.”


You have now stated to the Universe and to your heart that you are worthy of love and ready to love yourself completely!

Get Ready to Ignite Your SPARK!

If you feel it in your heart that you are ready for this retreat but your mind is thinking of reasons that are holding you back, this is normal. When you are stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s natural to feel uneasy, nervous and even anxiety. It means you are growing and about to try something new.

Do you remember feeling this way about other experiences, finding the courage to push through your fears and being so happy that you went for it?

This is another chance to breakthrough and free yourself for more abundance and love.


This is your time.

Some workshops do not include the price because they want you to commit right away and once you are committed, you feel a sense of pressure to pay.

We want to be fully transparent with you and start our relationship with a whole and authentic heart. We have done our research to ensure we provide you the best rate that serves you and SPARK Creations equally. The rate below includes a beautiful and warm setting, organic food and beverages, and the guidance and loving support of our SPARK Creators.

If your heart is telling you that this is the weekend for you to join and you may not have the financial means to attend, please email Aileen at aileen@startyourspark.com to determine a financial arrangement. We always have seats reserved for you!

Join the next soul experience in early 2018!

Your Heart Investment  = $988+GST

Early Bird Investment till further notice = $788+GST (minimum 50% refundable deposit required to secure your seat with Early Bird Pricing. Remainder of payment will be due 30 days before the event date)

Thank YOU for giving this gift to your heart!