“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” – Carl Jung

We love SPARKS!

Our SPARK came from our strong desire to share our personal development experience with others. As the saying goes, we teach what we need to learn the most.

We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to connect with a heart centered community and to continue our journey with all of you.

Lories bio photo 2

Lorie = Love

Co-Founder and Creative Essence Originator

She is energetic, driven, and tireless in her pursuit of self development and people contribution. With an infectious smile, and laugh that knows no boundaries, Lorie is a passionate and compassionate person who is dialed into the human spirit. A risk taker, Lorie seeks out what life offers, and accepts no compromise. If you are fortunate enough to have interaction with Lorie, you are keenly aware that she makes you want to be a better person. Lorie is sensitive, playful, and loves “fun” in every sense of the word. Lorie is a coach, guide, and shepherd to the lucky few who accept her givings.

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Aileen Spark Creator

Aileen = Flow

Co-Founder and Creative Flow Originator

Aileen simply shines! Upbeat, positive, and carefree, Aileen balances this with a desire for constant improvement and growth, personally, professionally, and for the people that are fortunate enough to come in contact with her. A big presence, Aileen has abilities that continue to evolve and expand. She is a driver; in the sense of attaching her actions to her vision. She is passionate, quick with a smile, and full of life! There is an essence about her that lets you know that you are being absorbed when in her company.  She believes in you and your possibilities and holds your light high.

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Michelle = Passion

Creative Inspiration Originator and SPARK Creator

She is the true expression of passion, creativity and love. Her voice needs no words as the pure energy that she brings to the room is powerful. Michelle is a dreamer that will do whatever it takes to create the life she and the people she touches deserves. She is a life long learner of life and has a strong desire to share her love so that others will evolve and blossom in their own authentic way.

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Myla = Grace

Creative Abundance Originator

Myla leads and lives her life with grace and love. She is a caring and genuine person with high integrity and a heart of gold. In everything she is involved in, one can only expect quality, excellence and a high degree of accountability. She is the gardener of many organizations, nurturing each individual and team that has the privilege of collaborating with her. Myla’s warm presence will always bring a joyful, playful and lasting experience.

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Suzette Alvarez Bio Photo

Suzette = Courage

Creative Momentum Originator

When you meet Suzette, you will instantly feel her warmth and giving heart. She creates cherished moments in every instance, leaving you feeling energized and inspired. She is a visionary of life and her deep desire is to support those around her become passionate dream makers. As the ultimate promoter and connector through all things social, she is determined to make you shine. She finds joy witnessing others realize their greatness.

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Trent Spark Creator

Trent = Balance

Creative Transformation Originator

Trent is aware, awake, and in tune with what is most important, both for self and those that he cares most deeply about. Highly intuitive, Trent taps into this as a way to navigate life’s most subtle and equally significant moments. He believes in growth, and comes from a constant state of gratitude. He is balanced between being content and ambitious. Living on purpose means that Trent is aware to the possibilities, and is discouraged with wasting moments, regardless of their significance. If you spend time with Trent, you feel loved, valued, and cared about. Trent holds honesty, integrity, and abundance as the cornerstones of who he is as a man, partner, and coach/contributor.

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