SPARK Excellence

“Each of us has a SPARK of life inside of us, and our highest endeavour ought to be to set it off in one another.”  – Kenny Asusbel

Have you been called to share your gifts as a leader?

Imagine gaining confidence and skills to facilitate creative, powerful and authentic circles.
Imagine learning and sharing new activities and tools that fuel and inspire action in others.
Imagine creating a space for you and your circle to be truly present in the moment.
Imagine filling your soul through serving others and realizing your potential.

Are you ready to SPARK the light in others?

If you answered yes, SPARK Excellence is for you!

Path to create SPARKS:

  1. Success Circle Leadership Program – Learn to lead and facilitate success circles and other groups within your community.  See below for more information or sign up for the next program date.
  2. SPARK Creator Program – Learn to design, lead and facilitate various SPARK programs (SPARK Essentials, SPARK Enrichment, SPARK Embrace, Success Circle Leadership Program, or a new program of your choice!).  We are accepting applications into this program.  For inquiries, please contact

Success Circle Leadership Program


Are you a leader in your organization or community and you are ready to unlock your team’s potential?
Are you searching for new and innovative ways to build a more deeply connected and aligned team, group or success circle?
Are you ready to be the most authentic and effective leader you can be?

SPARK Creations was born from a success circle. The true power of a success circle is its members who share similar core values and collectively fulfill the vision of the circle while supporting each others’ purpose in life.

To SPARK Creations, a success circle is a key element to our individual success as a human being. We can only serve others if we are equally open to receive from others.


In this one day workshop plus an additional 8 weeks, you will learn SPARK Creations’ unique success circle format, how to create a success circle, how to facilitate and lead others through leading self, and how to continue to grow circles in your community.

What to Expect from the Workshop

  • Develop your overall presence by practicing your state of being (get focused on the present moment!)
  • Define and embody your unique leadership purpose (just be YOU!)
  • Strengthen your mindful listening and group facilitation skills (start leading authentically!)
  • Learn new tools and techniques to help others re-discover their essence or core (bring out the best in others!)
  • Find new ways to express yourself creatively and genuinely (have fun stepping out of your comfort zone!)
  • Bring forth your entrepreneurial spirit, drive and ownership (it’s time to lead yourself!)
  • Enhance your level of focus and clarity to move you and your circle forward (be the best leader you can be!)
  • Connect and be inspired by other leaders (surround yourself with greatness!)

1 Day Workshop

  • An interactive and experiential setting for 16 Success Circle Leaders (open to men and women)
  • Schedule: Registration at 8:30am, Session starts promptly at 9:00am and ends at 6:00pm
  • Light snacks and beverages provided

PLUS 8 Weeks of Energize

  • Special featured speakers and mentors on various leadership and entrepreneurial topics (see below for list of speakers)
  • Tools & Tips to elevate and energize you and your success circles
  • Beta Mentoring Calls (1:1 and group)
  • Shared learning and support from your Success Circle Leadership Program group

But Wait, There’s MORE!


Each Success Circle Leader will receive the following:

  • A complete Success Circle Leader Binder that comes with three unique and experiential “ready to share” SPARK-tivities to SPARK your success circles!
  • A SPARK Mentor dedicated to your continued learning and holding you accountable to create your success circle!
  • A Success Circle that supports you on your journey to being a stronger leader of self and for others in your community or organization!
  • Special Access to various SPARK programs and events!

Experience being a part of a true Success Circle and get started NOW!


Through the individual and group mentoring, you will develop the following:

  1. A clear and meaningful theme or purpose for your first Success Circle!
  2. A list of potential members that are aligned with your core values and purpose of your Success Circle!
  3. The confidence and skills to approach and enroll your circle members in the most authentic way!
  4. Tools and resources to get your Success Circle started within 8 weeks of graduating from your workshop!
  5. Creative ways to grow leaders within your Success Circle!

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” Napoleon Hill

Session will focus on SPARK’s five elements:

Essence – Develop your overall presence by practicing your state of being and integrating your core values

Light – Define and embody your unique leadership purpose

Balance – Turn your limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs by leading by example

Focus – Get clear about the purpose of your circle and learn how to create and grow the circle in the most effective and meaningful way

Circle – Connect and be inspired by other Success Circle Leaders and SPARK Creators and give and receive each others’ gifts


Lorie Corcuera, Master SPARK Creator
Trent Pearce, Master SPARK Creator

Start your SPARK now!

This is an open program for both men and women.

An interactive and experiential setting for 16 Success Circle Leaders.

Click here to find out when the next session will be offered.