SPARK Creations & Company Inc. is a training and development organization that inspires people and companies to create meaningful cultures and workplaces. We use a unique FLOW approach through all of our product offerings to focus on the whole experience using new and fresh perspectives in a collaborative way whilst keeping it simple and clear.

Our team of creative, committed and progressive trainers, facilitators and certified executive and leadership coaches have 75+ years combined corporate training experience in strategic culture visioning, leadership development, team building and communications, executive and leadership coaching, people and culture program development (human resources), flow (lean and process) management, employer branding and marketing, and project management.

Our Core Values

We believe the heart of every organization starts with knowing who you are at your core.

Our values define what we believe in, what matters to us most and how we live and lead in our daily lives.

Love = Completely

Connection = Build meaningful connections starting with self.

Fun = Create WOW moments

Our Why

Our purpose of creating and inspiring loving human connections supports two missions.

Corporate Mission: To co-create revolutionary organizational cultures with conscious, purpose-driven businesses. We passionately partner with conscious business owners, creative entrepreneurs, authentic leaders, human resources specialists, and learning and development enthusiasts who want to co-create new experiences that are meaningful, purposeful and lasting in three focused areas: Culture, Leadership and Team Building.

Community Mission: To cultivate a community that is igniting and enriching our human spirit. We believe in focusing on the whole person and creating the space for individuals to connect their mind, body and spirit through our various transformational Personal programs and events.

Become A Purpose-Driven Organization

Before we start collaborating with you, take a moment to watch this TEDTalk video by Leadership Expert, Simon Sinek on “How great leaders inspire action“. This video re-affirms our intention to support individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to define why they exist so they too can inspire sustainable results.

AND…there’s more to our purpose of creating and inspiring loving human connections.

Watch this TEDTalk video by Hotelier, Chip Conley on “Measuring what makes life worthwhile“. This video supports our purpose and the value we will bring to your organization to create and measure what really counts.

Now We’re Ready To Talk

Let’s start off with a conversation and see where it leads us.

We would love to share stories and learn more.

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