“Your personal core values define who you are, and a company’s core values ultimately define the company’s character and brand. For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.” – Tony Hsieh, Author of Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

We started working with individuals first and soon realized we could share this learning in a BIGGER WAY and bring it into organizations.

We have taken our 35 years combined corporate experience in strategic culture visioning, people and culture programs (human resources), flow (lean and process) management, project management, and learning and development and our love for studying the GameChangers 500: World’s Top Purpose-Driven Organizations (Whole Foods, IDEO, Google, Zappos, MindValley…to name a few) to take your organization to its’ full potential.

Today, we have worked with a variety of small to medium sized companies (see list below) who are open and ready to continue creating and inspiring loving human connections with their leaders, their teams and the organizations they are leading.

We passionately partner with conscious business owners, creative entrepreneurs, human resources specialists, learning and development enthusiasts, and inspiring leaders who want to co-create new experiences that are meaningful, purposeful and lasting.

  • Is your organization ready to define a culture vision (values and purpose) that connects to the hearts and minds of your team?
  • Do you want to grow leaders who inspire and empower a high potential and performing team?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth and want to create programs and processes that support the next phase of your business?
  • Can your leaders become more aligned with their communication and leadership guiding principles?
  • Are you ready to increase engagement through creating and inspiring loving human connections?

How We Can Support You


Culture Visioning and Leadership Alignment

This 3 Day Synergy workshop provides an experiential approach to defining or refining an organization’s core values (Day 1), leadership and organizational purpose and leadership guiding principles (Day 2), and together we co-create a format for effective communication, performance, and alignment strategies within the leadership team and a sustainable integration (culture and strategy) plan (Day 3). A one page culture vision plan and/or strategic plan and individual leadership vision profiles are included in Day 3. This program can also be taken a la carte to focus on your immediate needs today.


Infrastructure Discovery Session

A 2 Hour Infrastructure Discovery Session provides a quick temperature check on your current business processes (FLOW) and human resources (CULTURE) program for legal compliance and foundational infrastructure. A detailed report on current best practices and recommendations is provided.


People & Culture Program Development & Integration

We co-create and integrate programs, processes and services that elevate and sustain people and culture (HR) strategies. We won’t be doing a cookie cutter program. We will take the time to understand your unique culture and design a program that empowers your leaders and teams to perform at their best and as a result, meet and exceed your business strategic vision and goals.


HR and FLOW Mentoring & Coaching

Whether you are a new business owner, an aspiring HR professional, or a leader looking for a new perspective, we can help guide you with your day to day people and culture, business operations, and financial planning activities and projects. We use the coach approach combined with our 35 years strategic HR and FLOW management experience to empower you to grow and learn the most creative strategies that will make the organization you lead an employer of choice. We offer a variety of mentoring / coaching options to support your personal and professional development so you can create the best workplace experience for you and your team.


Engagement Surveys

We understand that simply creating a happy workplace isn’t enough. When your team members are highly engaged, they are content and that level of energy drives and inspires your team to be collaborative, aligned and highly productive. We co-create quick and simple engagement surveys that supports your unique culture and strategy. We have done our research to provide guidance on the most effective questions to measure engagement. To enrich the survey, we can also conduct random interviews with a select group and evaluate engagement levels through powerful questions. We provide insights and recommendations in a detailed report and presentation so that you can easily implement impactful solutions immediately.


Learning and Development

We co-create interactive and engaging workshops and leadership programs that inspire more meaningful connections, conversations and learning.

We understand that time is precious so we have co-designed the following 60 to 90 minute experiential workshops with our gifted learning and development specialists and facilitators to SPARK your team:

Our Clients

airG                                                                                     Levi Strauss Canada
BC Human Resources Management Association  Mustang Survival
Canadian Red Cross                                                      Naked Eye Enterprises
Creative Technology Resources                                  Navarik Corp.
Deecorp                                                                              Orion Health
DHL                                                                                      Pimlico Apparel
Dorel (Footwear and Apparel Group)                         Professional Women’s Network
Dress for Success Vancouver                                      Recon Instruments
Ecotex Corporation                                                        Robeez
Elastic Path Software                                                    SFU Beedie School of Business
Fidelity Denim Design House                                      SkyBox Labs
HR Tech Group                                                                  Soroptimist
IMW Industries                                                                Sugoi
Innovative Sports Limited                                            Suntech / Bugaboos
iQmetrix                                                                             Venture Media
Jasper Plaza Childcare Center                                     Vega
Le Physique Personal Training                                     WirelessWerks

Become A Purpose-Driven Organization

Before we start collaborating with you, take a moment to watch this TEDTalk video by Leadership Expert, Simon Sinek on “How great leaders inspire action“. This video re-affirms our intention to support leaders, teams and organizations define why they exist so they too can inspire sustainable results.

AND…there’s more to our purpose of creating and inspiring loving human connections.

Watch this TEDTalk video by Hotelier, Chip Conley on “Measuring what makes life worthwhile“. This video supports our purpose and the value we will bring to your organization to create and measure what really counts.

Now We’re Ready To Talk

Let’s start off with a conversation and see where it leads us.

We would love to share stories and learn more.

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