“Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine.” – Chris Hadfield

There is a science to building great teams and research shows that effective communication plays a critical role. Through our training programs, SPARK Creations can help you lead from your essence, have courageous conversations and communicate compassionately to increase engagement within your teams.

Our courses will support you in developing advanced communication skills to help you identify and interpret the needs of yourself and others. Being in tune with yourself and your team and organization gives you a healthy and strong foundation to build credibility and solid relationships through trust and authenticity.

Our Team Communication training programs will help you and your team:

  • Foster higher levels of engagement and motivation through experiential and immersive learning activities
  • Increases trust to minimize conflict and encourage teamwork
  • Identifies strengths of each team member for enhanced collaboration and productivity
  • Clearly defines communication styles and strengthens human connection across the whole organization
  • Builds commitment and accountability with clearer roles and responsibilities
  • Inspires creativity and new ideas for continued growth and learning
  • Empowers teams and potential leaders to lead authentically and to proactively solve problems and challenges
  • Creates a team that is purpose-driven and connected to the core values and strategic vision of the organization
  • Heightens team alignment and overall contribution to co-create the best workplace

To date, we have worked with all types of teams (all functions and cross-functionally) who are open and ready to continue creating and inspiring loving human connections with their leaders, their fellow team members and within the organizations they are a part of.

Our programs can be taken independently or as a full program starting with a Team Communication and Team Success Circles™ (Advanced Team Training).

Team Communication™

When your team is living and leading from their essence, they are operating from their most authentic self. Each team member shows up bigger and makes a greater effort to establish deeper connections.

Our unique and experiential process takes your team on a group journey to rediscovering their communication and personality styles. Knowing who they are and how they show up creates more synergies and a shared desire to build a collaborative and supportive team environment.

The Team Communication training program focuses on three levels: Team Connection (Significant), Team Performance (Basics), and Team Excellence (Accelerate).

Module 1: Team Connection™

This module is about developing your team to be more wholeheartedly connected to their role, team and organization. With this stronger connection, your team can perform at a higher level and produce results that make a difference. These learning sessions are significant to creating and inspiring a more engaged, compassionate and trusting team.

Training Experience 1 – Building a Strong Team Foundation

  • Clarity and understanding of common thinking preferences and behaviours
  • Identifying individual and team strengths for enhanced collaboration and performance
  • Establishing a strong team foundation for continued growth and learning
  • Developing Individual and Team Vision Plans to keep the team on track

We offer an expanded version of this Training Experience to deepen the learning over 2 sessions.  Building a Strong Team Foundation A&B.  Note below for the additional Session fee.

Training Experience 2 – Defining Team Core Values

  • Rediscovering what matters to each individual and the team as a whole through defining core values
  • Aligning individual core values with the team and organizational core values
  • Creating a unique team brand
  • Learning creative strategies to integrate individual and team core values at work and at home

Training Experience 3 – Igniting Team Purpose

  • Defining the team’s Why with a clear team purpose statement
  • Aligning the individual purpose with the team and organizational purpose
  • Developing and declaring the team’s legacy through purposeful storytelling
  • Learning creative strategies to integrate individual and team purpose at work and at home

Training Experience 4 – Creative Team Flow

  • Creating team alignment through delegating and managing tasks effectively
  • Overcoming individual and team resistance and limiting beliefs
  • Leading and managing effective and efficient team meetings
  • Designing and aligning individual and team flow plans

Module 2: Team Performance™

This module is about nurturing your team to perform more harmoniously and in sync. These learning sessions ensure each individual is working on the right tasks, utilizing their natural strengths and sharing and growing as a unified team.

Training Experience 5 – Building Trust for Increased Collaboration

  • Creating authentic team members through building their core, consistency, and care strengths
  • Defining the meaning of trust
  • Using participative decision making
  • Developing lasting and purposeful trust agreements

Training Experience 6 – Empowering Others through Active Listening and Peer Coaching

  • Activating three levels of active listening
  • Understanding the power of presence
  • Using powerful questions to increase team engagement
  • Leading with C.A.R.E. Coaching Principles

Training Experience 7 – Integrating On-Going Feedback and Courageous Conversations

  • Defining the power and significance of feedback
  • Creating productive conversations using the E.M.P.O.W.E.R Feedback Model
  • Fostering a transparent culture for open and honest conversations
  • Co-designing daily team interactions to prompt more engaging communication

Training Experience 8 – Cultivating a Culture of Recognition and Gratitude

  • Understanding the various types of workplace appreciation
  • Creating individual and shared recognition strategies
  • Discovering the science and power of gratitude
  • Integrating gratitude into daily team activities

Module 3: Team Excellence™

This module is about invigorating your team to step out of their comfort zones and expand into new areas of team development. These learning sessions will empower, amplify, and accelerate your team’s contribution, taking your organization to new heights.

Training Experience 9 – Leveraging Diversity and Human Differences

  • Understanding how conflict arises
  • Defining the difference between workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Learning how to leverage conflict to foster new ideas and perspectives
  • Defining individual and team conflict management processes

Training Experience 10 – Activating Team Performance

  • Identifying team strengths and opportunities for growth and learning
  • Building team alignment through role clarification
  • Creating innovative and impactful learning strategies
  • Failure 101: Developing a learning culture

Training Experience 11 – Inspiring Creative Leadership

  • Learning the principles of human centred design thinking
  • Applying human centred design thinking to current key team challenges
  • Strengthening and elevating creativity and innovation within team
  • Developing Creative Leaders that want to make a difference

Training Experience 12 – Creating a Team of Change Champions

  • Learning the process of organizational change
  • Building personal and team resilience
  • Creating a collaborative and pro-active mindset
  • Developing tribal stories to drive and inspire change

Format and Investment

Our Training Experiences each last 2.5 hours.

Although each Training Experience can be taken as a standalone class, we have designed them as components of larger Modules. These can be taken over a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly period. All classes includes pre- and post-work assignments to help individuals integrate the learning into their day to day. Individuals are assessed based on their participation and commitment to these assignments, since these are an integral piece of their learning.

All Modules are customizable to support the core values, purpose and culture of your team and organization. The format can be modified based on the schedules and preferences of participants.

For groups of 8 to 16, investment starts at:

  • $3,600+GST per Training Experience
  • $14,300+GST per Module
  • $37,200+GST for Full program

Additional cost per person for 17+ starts at:

  • $210+GST per Training Experience
  • $800+GST per Module
  • $2,100+GST for Full program.

*For further information and/or customized program pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.

Facilitators and Trainers

Lorie Corcuera
Aileen de la Torre

Team Success Circles™ (Advanced Team Training)

To support your growth and integrate your learning, we co-create team success circles to sustain and elevate your team.

Our guided and focused training empowers and inspires your team to apply the learning from the Team Communication sessions using masterminding techniques so that your team is continuously developing into the best team possible.

Every experiential conversation leads to an inspired action that moves your team forward…one step at a time.

OPTIONAL: We offer a Success Circle Train the Trainer™ program so that your team can facilitate their own success circles.

Other Training Experiences:

The following interactive sessions are between 60 to 90 minutes. These are frequently offered internally as part of training bundles based on your team development objectives.

  • Build  Trust  Through  Active  Listening  (The  Art  of  Authentic  Listening)
  • Elevate  Performance  Through  Feedback  (The  Art  of  Authentic  Feedback)
  • Increase  Engagement  Through  Coaching  Conversations
  • Create  a  Powerful  Check‐In  Meeting
  • Rediscover  Your  Core  (Values)
  • Start  With  Your  Why  (Purpose)
  • The  Difference  Between  Advising  and  Coaching
  • Creating  a  WOW  Interview  Experience  (Candidate  or  Interviewer  Perspective)
  • How  to  Build  Your  Ideal  Culture
  • The  Power  of  Mindfulness  in  the  Workplace
  • Courageous Conversations
  • The  Art  of  Curiosity
  • Creating  Authentic  Leaders  Starting  With  You  (Discover  the  Authentic  Leader  in  You)
  • Define  and  Strengthen  Your  Leadership  Purpose
  • The  Power  of  Leadership  Presence  in  the  Workplace
  • Finding  Your  Ultimate  State  of  Flow  (Personal  Time  and  Energy  Management)
  • Cultivate  Team  Flow  (Alignment  and  Accountability)
  • Realize  the  Power  of  Emotional  Intelligence
  • Stand  Out  and  Be  Bold  (Confidence  Building)
  • The  Art  of  Storytelling
  • Engagement  Strategies  for  Effective  and  Meaningful  Meetings
  • The  Benefits  of  Co‐Creating  a  Culture  of  Gratitude

*For further information and pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.