“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

Great leadership starts with YOU.

It’s not about motivation, it’s about inspiration!

When you know your WHY, everything else is so much easier.

SPARK Creations helps you to find your essence so you can show up as your best self at work and at home. We define essence as knowing your core values (what matters to you), your purpose (your why) and your leadership guiding principles (how you show up).

We believe in holistic leadership, so we also share strategies to define your ultimate state of flow (i.e. personal and energy management). This allows you to move through your day with ease, inspired, engaged and performing at your most optimal level.

Our Leadership training programs will help you and your leaders:

  • Rediscover your core and define a comprehensive and energizing leadership profile
  • Develop practical personal and energy management strategies to keep you in your ultimate state of flow
  • Define a creative and sustainable development plan to conquer limiting blocks
  • Strengthen your confidence and ability to be a courageous and influential communicator
  • Invigorate more authentic and meaningful relationships and connections
  • Empower you to be a highly collaborate and inspiring leader

To date, we have worked with all types of leaders (junior to executive level) who are open and ready to continue creating and inspiring loving human connections with their teams and organizations.

Our programs can be taken independently or to become / create #WOWleaders, completed as a full program starting with Essence Leadership  and Leadership Excellence Advanced Training.

Essence Leadership™ 

In today’s market, the traditional leadership competencies are no longer enough to build high performing and highly engaged teams. Companies are becoming more aware that the ‘whole’ leader, an individual who is equally balanced and strong in their internal (personal) and external (professional) skills, are a necessity to thrive and lead in fast paced, constantly evolving and rapidly growing technology driven environments.

Considering 87% of the workforce (Gallup 2015) are unhappy and looking for new jobs, it is crucial that leaders understand their role and responsibility to bring more meaning and human connection to their organizations. Building trust, empowering their team members and inspiring action are key to leading from their heart…from their essence.

This Essence Leadership™ training program will focus on three leadership dimensions: All About ME™ (self), All About YOU™ (team), and All About WE™ (business).

(Optional): Coaching sessions are available and delivered in one-to-one sessions as an option to participants who seek to gain further clarity and support when implementing learnings obtained from the Essence Leadership Intensive Program.

Module 1: All About ME™

This module creates a deeper and thorough self-discovery experience focused on the individual’s personal core values, leadership purpose, strengths and areas of growth, personal energy management, and leadership guiding principles.

Training Experience 1 – Leadership Foundation

  • Clarity and understanding of common thinking preferences and behaviors
  • Identifying your individual strengths for enhanced collaboration and performance
  • Establishing a strong foundation for your continued growth and learning
  • Developing a Leadership Vision Plan to keep you on track

We offer an expanded version of this Training Experience to deepen the learning over 2 sessions.  Leadership Foundation A&B.  Note below for the additional Session fee.

Training Experience 2 – Rediscover Your Core Values

  • Rediscovering what matters to you most through defining personal core values
  • Aligning your core values with your role, team, and company
  • Creating your unique personal and professional brand
  • Learning creative strategies to integrate your core values at work and at home

Training Experience 3 – Start With Your Why

  • Defining your Why with a clear leadership purpose statement
  • Aligning your leadership purpose with your role, team, and company
  • Developing and declaring your leadership legacy through purposeful storytelling
  • Learning creative strategies to integrate your leadership purpose at work and at home

Training Experience 4 – Finding Your Ultimate State of Flow

  • Understanding your energy gainers and drainers
  • Strengthening your power of setting clear boundaries and saying no
  • Creating and sustaining new daily, weekly and monthly habits and routines
  • Designing simple personal time management strategies using a flow plan

Module 2: All About YOU™

This module is about developing leaders who are compassionate and have the burning desire to build trusting and empowering relationships with others. These individuals learn the basic principles of authentic leadership and what it takes to foster lasting human connections.

Training Experience 5 – Building Trust

  • Becoming an authentic leader through building your core, consistency, care
  • Fostering an empowering environment through leveraging diversity
  • Using participative decision making
  • Developing lasting and purposeful trust agreements

Training Experience 6 – Increase Engagement Through Coaching Conversations

  • Activating three levels of active listening
  • Developing personal techniques for staying present
  • Creating open and engaging dialogue using powerful questions
  • Leading with C.A.R.E Coaching Principles

Training Experience 7 – Performance Feedback and Courageous Conversations

  • The power and significance of feedback
  • Setting clear intentions for various types of feedback
  • Creating a productive conversation using the E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Feedback Model
  • Building confidence and trust for courageous and crucial conversations

Training Experience 8 – Celebrating Your Team Through Recognition

  • Understanding the various types of appreciation
  • Developing authentic recognition methods
  • Identifying opportunities for individual and shared recognition
  • Creating a culture of gratitude

Module 3: All About WE™

This module is about developing leaders who understand that doing things together creates more. The individuals will experience first hand what it takes to be a true culture creator and a modern change maker in today’s digital age by holding each other accountable and inspiring everyone around them to reach their greatest potential.

Training Experience 9 – Leveraging Diversity

  • Understanding how conflict arises
  • Managing cultural diversity and change
  • Learning how to leverage conflict to foster new ideas and perspectives
  • Defining your personal conflict management habits

Training Experience 10 – Training and Developing for Team Excellence

  • Identifying team strengths and gaps
  • Building team alignment through role clarification
  • Creating innovative and impactful learning strategies
  • Failure 101: Developing a learning culture

Training Experience 11 – Creating Team Flow

  • Creating team alignment through delegating and managing task effectively
  • Overcoming individual and team resistance and limiting beliefs
  • Leading and managing effective and efficient team meetings
  • Designing and aligning individual and team flow plans

Training Experience 12 – Leading Change

  • Learning the process of organizational change
  • Building personal and team resilience
  • Creating a collaborative and pro-active mindset
  • Developing tribal stories to drive and inspire change

OPTIONAL: Leadership Coaching

  • Immediate and continuous application of Essence Leadership Program tools and techniques
  • Focused leadership conversations to improve specific development areas
  • Developing curiosity and empathy skills through self leadership
  • Strengthening vulnerability and openness to receive ongoing feedback
  • Shifting mental and emotional barriers to achieve leadership vision
  • Increased accountability and commitment to complete inspired actions

Learning Outcomes:

With this leadership coaching integrated into the Essence Leadership Program, participants will learn to take ownership of their development for immediate impact and results. During these sessions, each participant will experience focused coaching conversations to support their individual and specific leadership development areas. This will allow the participants to excel and grow at an accelerated pace, and as a result, build their confidence as an effective Leader and Team Member.

Coaching Package options:

  • 6 sessions
  • 12 sessions

Format and Investment

Our Training Experiences each last 2.5 hours.

Although each Experience can be taken as a standalone class, we have designed them as components of larger Modules. These can be taken over a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly period. All classes include pre- and post-work assignments to help individuals integrate the learning into their day to day. Individuals are assessed based on their participation and commitment to these assignments, since these are an integral piece of their learning.

All Modules are customizable to support the core values, purpose and culture of your team and organization. The format can be modified based on the schedules and preference of participants.

For groups of 8 to 16, investment starts at:

  • $3,600+GST per Training Experience
  • $14,300+GST per Module
  • $37,200+GST for Full program

Additional cost per person for 17+ starts at:

  • $210+GST per Training Experience
  • $800+GST per Module
  • $2,100+GST for Full program.

*For further information and/or customized program pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.

Coaching Package options:

  • 6 sessions – $1,650 + GST per person
  • 12 sessions – $3,000 + GST per person

Facilitators and Trainers

Lorie Corcuera
Aileen de la Torre

Leadership Excellence Advanced Training

To support your growth and integrate the learning, we provide 1:1 and/or group leadership/executive training to achieve team excellence.

Our guided training sessions will empower and inspire you to apply the learning from the Essence Leadership Experience using masterminding techniques so that you are continuously developing into the best leader you can be.

Every experiential conversation leads to an inspired action that moves you forward…one step at a time.

OPTIONAL: We offer Leadership Excellence Train-the-Trainer™ Program to support the continued learning needs of your organization.

*For further information and pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.