“Your personal core values define who you are, and a company’s core values ultimately define the company’s character and brand. For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.” – Tony Hsieh, Author of Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

What takes a company from ordinary to extraordinary? How do you bring #WOW to your workplace?

We collaborate with conscious, purpose-driven organizations who are ready to go from good to #WOW!

By conscious and purpose-driven, we mean leaders, teams and organizations who are open to learning, growing and co-creating a #WOWcompany! Collectively, and most especially being the leaders and influencers of your organization, you wholeheartedly understand that it always starts with #1.

Yes, YOU!

At SPARK Creations, we also believe that asking for help makes you a stronger leader. It takes a tribe (a.k.a. a team of #culturecreators) to make your company an Employer and Brand of Choice.

So what will you do to be considered a #WOWcompany?

Our Culture training programs will help you and your organization:

  • Connect to the core of your organization (values and purpose)
  • Develop more human connection across teams and leaders
  • Unleash your team’s creativity and capacity for progressive growth and development
  • Strengthen leadership alignment and inspire pro-active collaboration
  • Establish clear communication strategies with purpose and impact
  • Embrace change and eliminate barriers for sustainable exponential growth

To date, we have worked with a variety of companies who are open and ready to continue co-creating revolutionary organizational cultures with their leaders, their teams and organizations.

Our programs can be taken independently or to create a #WOWcompany, completed as a full program starting with a Culture Vibe, Culture Design Training and Culture Integration.

Culture Vibe™

We understand that simply creating a happy workplace isn’t enough. When your team members are highly engaged, they are happier and that level of energy drives and inspires teams to be collaborative, aligned and highly productive.

Before we start designing, we must first understand the heart of your organization. We do this by facilitating quick and simple engagement surveys that support your unique culture and strategy. We have done our research to provide guidance on the most effective questions to measure engagement.

To enrich your survey, we can also conduct interviews with a select group from your team and evaluate engagement levels through using a unique human-centered design approach that immediately and authentically connects to the hearts and minds of your team members. We provide insights and recommendations in a detailed report and presentation so that you can implement impactful solutions immediately.

*For further information and pricing on the above program, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.

Culture Design Training™ 

Once we understand your organization’s profile, we then facilitate a 3 Day Culture Design Training™ program.

  • Day One: An experiential approach using design thinking to define or refine your organization’s core values.
  • Day Two: We take the core values that we extract from your entire organization and work with your leaders to develop a clear and stimulating organizational purpose and leadership guiding principles.
  • Day Three: We co-create a format for effective communication, performance, and alignment strategies within the leadership team and a sustainable integration plan.

Key Deliverable: A one page Culture Vision Plan is provided on Day 3.

Format and Investment

Each day is typically delivered in 3 x 6-8 hour sessions for up to 8 leaders. Format can be modified based on the schedules and preference of participants.

All classes include pre- and post-work assignments to help individuals integrate the learning into their day to day. Individuals assessed based on their participation and commitment to these assignments, since these are an integral piece of their learning.

For groups of 1 to 8 leaders, investment starts at $8,200+GST per day.

This program can also be taken a la carte to focus on your immediate needs today.

*For further information and/or customized program pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.

Facilitators and Trainers

Lorie Corcuera
Aileen de la Torre

Culture Integration

Integration is key. Using the one page culture vision plan and/or strategic plan that we co-developed in the Culture Visioning training module, we will support your team by using our unique flow management process to fully implement clear accountability and communication strategies over a specific period of time.

We will support your team so that your leaders are working purposefully “on” the business while the rest of the team are completely aligned and working efficiently “in” the business. Our shared goal is to create synergy across the whole organization.

*For further information and pricing on the above program, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.

Other Programs:

*For further information and pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.