“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
― Alan W. Watts

What we do at this stage is the delicate application of making it real in the workplace. It’s a recipe for a bigger result and quite possibly, the reason why you reached out to us in the first place. When we talk about creating WOW cultures, it is at this point where that can be realized.

Our FLOW Management™ training programs will help you and your organization:

  • Elevate your team to operational excellence and flow
  • Co-design simple processes and programs that will optimize productivity and performance across the whole organization
  • Identify and anticipate potential people and operational risks and create sustainable solutions
  • Prepare the team to support and maintain the new organizational ecosystem

FLOW Management™

According to Forbes, only 2 out of 5 companies believe that their processes are effective and 70% of Process Improvement projects fail. They typically start off well, generating excitement and great progress, but all too often fail to have a lasting impact as team members gradually lose motivation and fall back into old habits.

The purpose driven organization is clear as to the impact they want to create in the world. They understand that in order to achieve their vision, they must develop strategies to bring out the strengths of their team members, create Product and Services that meet the ever changing needs of their customers, and develop an integrated ecosystem that provides operational excellence throughout the organization.

This training program will focus on three areas of FLOW Management™: People, Product and Process.

Module 1 – People

This module creates a thorough understanding of the team’s purpose, strengths and areas of growth, and energy management to build a strong foundation for sustained team alignment.

Training Experience 1 – Leadership Fundamentals

  • Clarity and understanding of common thinking preferences and behaviors
  • Identifying your individual strengths for enhanced collaboration and performance
  • Establishing a strong foundation for your continued growth and learning
  • Developing a Leadership Vision Plan to keep you on track

Training Experience 2 – Finding Your Ultimate State of Flow

  • Understanding your energy gainers and drainers
  • Strengthening your power of setting clear boundaries and saying no
  • Creating and sustaining new daily, weekly and monthly habits and routines
  • Designing simple personal time management strategies using a flow plan

Training Experience 3Creating Team Flow

  • Creating team alignment through delegating and managing task effectively
  • Overcoming individual and team resistance and limiting beliefs
  • Leading and managing effective and efficient team meetings
  • Designing and aligning individual and team flow plans

Module 2 – Product

This module is about developing products and services that are completely aligned with the company’s purpose, values, and guiding principles and that fulfills the unique needs of their customers.

Training Experience 4 – Product and Process Cost Management

  • Identify the various types of costs and how they are used to develop a standard costing process from ideation to production and fulfillment
  • Develop analysis tools, KPIs and reporting to use for different cost management strategies
  • Understand true cost versus standard cost and identify the cost reduction tactics available for managing operational cost variances
  • Develop cost communication plans and file management practices

Training Experience 5 – Product Development and New Product Introductions

  • 8 step process to Product Development using human centered design principles
  • Developing the product calendar and managing launch windows
  • NPI process and developing product knowledge training
  • Developing key metrics for managing product mix and NPI thresholds

Training Experience 6 – Forecasting, Demand Planning and Inventory Management

  • Understand the 7 Factors that affect forecasting
  • The 7 Forecasting models for demand planning – Choosing the right combination for your organization
  • Back to Basics: 8 Elements of effective inventory management and 5 Best practices of Inventory Management
  • Building an effective space management plan

Module 3 – Process

This module will build off the people and product strategies and design a flow management program that includes simple and streamlined processes and elevates the organization for operational excellence.

Training Experience 7 – Project Management

  • Develop an understanding of the project anatomy and the lifecycle of a project from concept to realization of benefits.
  • Discover the principles of developing and building effective teams
  • Use a collaborative process for planning and scheduling projects, establishing positive project practices and procedures, and monitoring and reporting progress
  • Understand the different roles of the project manager and create a personal action plan for improving your effectiveness on projects

Training Experience 8 – Basics of Process Management

  • Understand the eight major barriers to process improvement and effective strategies for overcoming them
  • Practice and construct a variety of process maps
  • Cite the tools used to conduct a process analysis and capture metrics on costs, timing and quality
  • How to select, organize and lead your process improvement efforts

Training Experience 9 – FLOW Management Methodologies

  • Creating a Culture of Flow
  • Lean Management: Identifying the 8 kinds of waste and non-value activity
  • 5S – the method of achieving sustainability through standardization
  • Develop your personal Flow toolkit

Format and Investment

Although each Experience can be taken as a standalone class, we have designed them as components of larger Modules. These can be taken over a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly period. All classes include pre- and post-work assignments to help individuals integrate the learning into their day to day as well as on the job training using real-work scenarios to further integrate the learning. Individuals are assessed based on their participation and commitment to these assignments, since these are an integral piece of their learning.

All Modules are customizable to support the core values, purpose and culture of your team and organization. The format can be modified based on the schedules and preference of participants.

Investment starts at:

Module 1:  For groups 1-16

  • $3,600 per Training Experience
  • $10,800 for the full Module

Our Training Experiences typically last between 2 – 2.5 hours in a classroom setting.

Modules 2 & 3: For groups of 1-8

  • $3,600 per Training Experience
  • $10,800 for a full Module.

Our Training Experiences each last between 3-4 hours in a classroom setting. All classes include pre- and post-work assignments to help individuals integrate the learning into their day to day which may also include 10-15 hours on the job training using real-work scenarios to further integrate the learning. Individuals are assessed based on their participation and commitment to these assignments, since these are an integral piece of their learning.

Full program costing is available.

*For further information and/or customized program pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.

Facilitators and Trainers

Aileen de la Torre
Lorie Corcuera

FLOW Management Advanced Training

To support your growth and integrate the learning, we provide 1:1 and/or group training to achieve team flow excellence.

Our guided training sessions will empower and inspire you to apply the learning from the FLOW Management Experience using masterminding techniques so that you are continuously developing into the best leader you can be.

Every experiential conversation leads to an inspired action that moves you forward…one step at a time.

*For further information and pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.