“Remember that what gets talked about and how it gets talked about determines what will happen. Or won’t happen. And that we succeed or fail, gradually then suddenly, one conversation at a time.”” – Susan Scott, Fierce Leadership

There is a science to building great teams and research shows that effective communication plays a critical role. According to a study done by MacKinsey Global Institute, productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected teams members.   Through our training programs, SPARK Creations can help you lead from your essence, have courageous conversations and communicate compassionately to increase engagement within your teams.

We have put together our most popular communication experiences to form Learning Bootcamp – Courageous Conversations.  These programs have been designed for quick and impactful sessions. Each interactive session is 2 hours and includes job aids, online resources pages, and success circles (accountability pods) to integrate the learning.

This will focus on three training experiences: Communication Fundamentals, Performance Feedback, and Empowering Conversations.

Training Experience 1 – Communication Fundamentals

  • The key benefits of being an effective communicator
  • Integrating the three levels of active listening
  • Defining the various communication styles including non-verbal communication and presence
  • Leveraging and adapting your communication style to connect with others
  • How to co-create meaningful and engaging meetings

We offer an expanded version of this Training Experience to deepen the learning over 2 sessions.  Leadership Foundation A&B.  Note below for the additional Session fee.

Module 2 – Performance Feedback

  • Defining the purpose and significance of feedback
  • Clarifying the role and responsibilities of providing feedback
  • Interpreting the three types of performance feedback
  • Shifting from feedback to guidance using radical candor
  • Creating a productive feedback conversation using the E-M-P-O-W-E-R Feedback Model

Module 3 – Empowering Conversations

  • Using empathy and vulnerability to create a safe space
  • Developing personal techniques for staying present in conversations
  • Creating open and engaging dialogue using powerful questions
  • Empowering your team with the C-A-R-E Coaching Principles
  • Inspiring action and accountability using the Coach Walk

Format and Investment

Learning Bootcamp – Courageous Conversations modules are delivered in an in-person classroom setting.

All Modules are customizable to support the core values, purpose and culture of your team and organization. The format can be modified based on the schedules and preference of participants.

Course Capacity:
To allow for the best learning experience for all trainees, this Program is best suited for groups of 10 (minimum) and capped at 16 participants. Since all trainees move through the program in one cohort, we ask that each participant be fully aware of the commitment entailed at the moment of enrolling.                                                     

Total Training Hours: 6 hours
This program is comprised of 3 x 2 hour Workshops over 6-8 weeks (depending on availability)

Total Cost:
Per Module: $3,600 + GST
Full Bootcamp Program:  $9,100 + GST

All classes include pre- and post-work assignments to help individuals integrate the learning into communication needs at work. Individuals are assessed based on their participation and commitment to these assignments, as these are an integral piece of their learning. 

*For further information and/or customized program pricing on the above programs, please connect with us at aileen@startyourspark.com.

Facilitators and Trainers

Lorie Corcuera
Aileen de la Torre